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Interview with Pascale Caristo (from Sobaka.ru magazine)

Where and when did you meet Pavel?

I met Pavel in Ibiza, exactly one year ago? He was there with the musicians of the previous Goatika project called "Who is this band", they came to perform a serial of concerts in the island. By chance or destiny, I was there for their first performance in one very nice club called "Las Dalias" where I had for habit to go. I remember that I have been immediately impressed and attracted by their energy and the quality of their music. I knew their percussion player "Roei Fridman" from Israel, so we naturally spent the rest of the night all together and had a wonderful acoustic jam under the stars? That was our first meeting.

And how did you start your musical collaboration with Goatika Creative Lab? 

My first collaboration with Goatika started in Ibiza. Few days after our starlight's jam, the band called me and invited me to sing with them, they added an open microphone on stage and they gave me the freedom to improvise when ever I felt to do it in each one of their concerts. It has been a great experience for all of us and still a great memory. 
Then back to Moscow Pavel offered me to take part of his new project in collaboration with "Boris Nazarov". We started all of us to create our new program in Goa during the winter 2009. Our first concerts there was based only on improvisations, we had no expectation about our style and we can consider that the fusion of  " Air Goatika" is born and continue to grow from an experimental and energetic exchange with the public. 

The improvisation seems to be a big part of your creation process?

Yes it is. Improvisation is freedom, it is to be here and now, plugged to the universe. From my point of view, children are the best improvisators, they look at everything and any experiences as something new, without any prejudice created from the past and without any consciousness about the future? That's why they are so creative and so connected to the magic of life. I like to improvise lyrics on stage, I see the words floating in the air, they appears in the eyes of the people, in their smile, the win bring some sentences, sometimes it's a bird or a tree, they are coming from everywhere, and I just have to sing the story that they tell me. Improvisation is emptiness full of surprises?!

You traveled around the world? With which people you had the most pleasure to communicate? 

I have great pleasure to communicate with spiritual and open mind people who believe that peace & love is a reality to create all together and who act for this inner and external change in their daily life. 
Happily this community of people exist all other the world. It is not about race, not about color's skin, not about religion, not about profession, not about social level. It is all about being an open heart. 
Today there is a great conscience around the world that the quality of our personal thinking and energies are affecting directly our close environment, our individual responsibility to stay positive is becoming more and more clear... even the science start to explore this field. DR Konstantin Korotkov Russian scientist is bringing to the humanity some very serious and interesting research about the subject. I encourage all of us to be aware about this great evolution.

Do you think that the music you play with Air Goatika is commercial? And do you think that you can have some success in Russia?

It's depend what we mean by commercial? If it is to create music with a recipe dedicated to be in the format of the charts, we are not. 
But if it's mean that our music can touch a large international public who'll enjoy to come to our concerts, to buy our cd's, to listen to us on the radio or TV,
In this case, yes, we can say that we are commercial. 

Air Goatika is a very young band "Victor Netesov" our wonderful trumpet player joined us only few month ago, our music is going to evolve and our main focus is to keep creating and experimenting our sound in interaction with the public. Success is an unpredictable alchemy. Time will show. Today I can only say without any doubt that our public in Russia is made by individual people who impress me by there generosity, there warmness and there infinite power of love!!!

What is your impression about St.Petersburg and what do you expect from your next visit?

I love St.Petersburg? I feel there all the magnificence of the Russian empire during the Romanov dynasty? Grace and poetry!
I like the architecture so delicate and the soft colors of the houses which give me always the sensation to walk in a fairy tale. It's a very artistic and inspiring city as much that the people I meet there? Peaceful and creative, kind and generous, eternal lovers of life with a delicious sparkle of decadence! I have no expectation for my next visit, cause I do not have expectation for anything in general, but I feel a deep joy to go back to play in this magic town. 

01 окт. 2010 08:14
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25 сентября в клубе Шанти завораживающий, ‘сумасшедший', танцевальный, electro tribal проект Air Goatika:
Борис Назаров (Россия) - электроника
Павел Михайлюк (Россия) – бас гитара
Виктор Нетесов (Россия) - труба
Pascale Caristo (Франция) - вокал

Москва, Мясницкая ул., 2/1
Станция метро: Красные ворота
Начало: 25 сен 2010 в 23:00
Окончание: 26 сен 2010 в 1:00
Вход: свободный

06 сент. 2010 11:53
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Air Goatika’s gigs in Ibiza

As all the constant visitors of our pages in internet have probably noticed, Goatika Creative Lab is one of the few Russian musical projects that managed to attain worldwide recognition. It is released on British label Arabesque Distribution and regularly performs in Ibiza. Goatika’s next gig in this centre of international club culture is appointed to the end of summer. Since the 21st of August till the 10th of September Air Goatika collective will present its new program in Ibiza.
Pascale Caristo (voice), Victor Netesov (trumpet), Boris Nazarov (electronics) and Pavel Mikhailuk (bass guitar) will give 8 concerts at Las Dalias (http://lasdalias.squarespace.com) cult club that has become Goatika’s friend and partner. Director, script writer and actor Sergey Debizhev is planning to accompany the musicians. Together with Goatika Creative Lab he was working on the soundtrack to “Golden section” movie and now is going to film Air Goatika’s gig on Ibiza. Several extracts from Debizhev’s film about the sunny island, the original electro tribal project and the music that makes you laugh and dance will be presented to the public on the 17th of September in Saint-Petersburg (Tavrichesky garden, IGRATEKA; you can learn more about this venue here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=141904369165322). According to its organizers the party called AIR GOATIKA IN IBIZA will be visited by more than 500 music fans.
Air Goatika concert video:
Fantasy Island - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5W-NyzFiQ8&feature=related
Trustaman - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbJ3IfB7tyI
Terminal One - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP9OaaFv5iE
Silly Love Song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6DKnV2IGcc
and also:
Air Goatika tracks:

17 авг. 2010 14:12
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